The Team

We believe that teamwork is the ability to work together towards a common Vision, the ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational Objectives, It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. In our journey so far we have picked up many great relationships and have found invaluable resources in the form of Mentors, Advisors, Partners & Followers. We are building a team for the infiniteGame not finite Objectives.

Sahil Chawla Founder / CEO Sahil founded Tsecond in 2014. And has led the company from a simple idea to a product innovation enterprise. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Shashikant Chaudhary Mentor / Investor Angel Investor, Co-Founder of Nagpur Angels, and Ex-MD of Global Logic India. He's the source of our inspiration. Linkedin
Jay Chopade Mentor / Investor CEO at EMERGYS LLC, and Angel Investor at Indian Angel Network. Jay empowers the team with powerpack strategy & planning. Linkedin
Shashank Garg Mentor / Investor Co-founder and CEO of InfoCepts, Nagpur. Shashank is an investor and source of inspiration to the team by all means. Twitter Linkedin
Shaheer Ahmed Strategic Partner / Investor Founder & CEO of LocationGuru, Nagpur. An early stage investor and his company is our strategic partner in telecomm sector. Twitter Linkedin
Atul Rajwadkar Chief Advisor Co-Founder at Verve Asset Solutions, Nagpur. He's an expert in Structured & Project Finance and Business Advisory. Twitter Linkedin
Manish Karandikar Technical Advisor Director at Embedded Creations & President at Jigyasa Research and Development Society, Nagpur. Linkedin
Munidas Phirke Technical Advisor Consultant at Prasad Instruments & Electronics, Nagpur. He's an expert in Wireless Communication & PCB Design. Linkedin
Rajesh Mehta Business Advisor Coming from vast Sales & Marketing background. He is our biggest support when it comes to B2B Sales Strategy. Twitter Linkedin
CA Pranav Joshi Financial Advisor One of the partners at PG Joshi Associates, Nagpur. Pranav provides a strong support system to our Finance & Business Strategy. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Jeetender Singh Advisor CFO at Napino, Gurugram and Director at Tessellate Ventures. He is our biggest support when it comes to Fin strategy. Linkedin
Jai Shankar Advisor Founder, CSO at Emergys, USA. An expert in nurturing an entrepreunerial venture into an established & thriving organization. Linkedin
Pawan Sarda Advisor Associate Director, Business & System Analyst, Supply Chain at Merck. He Guides us on Business Process Management. Linkedin
CS Deepti Joshi Company Advisor Deepti is a Partner at Joshi Pahade & Associates, Practicing CS. She's our advisor on all Legal and Corporate practices. Linkedin
Siddhant Baid Chief Strategy Officer With an amazing experience in Investing & Fund Management. Siddhant develops and manages the strategy of our growth story. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Shahid Ansari Chief Business Analyst One of the first 'Avengers' Shahid is the power source of the Multiverse. He's the one who gets the tech Designed & Built. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Chaitanya Vijay Ghate Head Product Development Chaitany manages the 'OASIS'. He's responsible for all the roll-outs from Product Development Division. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Nazli Ghouse Communications Manager Nazli is the backbone of the entire 'Starship'. She's the one who drives all the comms and business life systems. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Sunit Narayane Software Engineer Sunit develops the Interface part of the Solution. His work provides an 'Avatar' to the smart systems we develop here. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Shrikant Jadhav Delivery Manager Shrikant is the goto guy when it comes to Product or Service Delivery. He's one of the key players of the 'Intersteller' system. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Nikita Pal Product Manager As the captain of the Starship, Nikita leads R&D to explore new markets, innovations, and "go where no man has gone before". Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Amit Meshram Product Engineer Amit is our guy who Crank's up the system to its Best. He mostly works on electrical aspects of the electronic systems. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Sneha Shelwade Embedded Engineer Sneha is the one who forges the final Build. She's one of the key players in process of creating 'The Enterprise'. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Pooja Shende Technician Pooja is our 'Solo' core techie, who enables the team with required Electronic Circuitry and Modules to get 'Back to the Future'. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Priyansh Tripathi Business Analyst Priyansh is our guy when it come to crunching Data. He's one of the key players in 'The Imitation Game'. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Jaykiran Guntuku Engineering Intern Contributing majorly in the Data Analytics R&D Projects. Jay is always the one inside 'The Matrix' extracting information. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Karam Gajbhiye Engineering Intern Karam works mainly on New Product Research & Development projects. He's a key player of our 'Big Bang Theory'. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
Rajkumar Amgoth Engineering Intern Raj's work mainly involves Data Processing, Reporting / Analysis and UI Design for IoT projects those hold highest 'Gravity'. Facebook Twitter Linkedin